Fall 2017 Boston Regional Meeting


“Truth and beauty are both gifts from God. So, our New Evangelization must work to make truth beautiful. By means, both ancient and new, we must make use of beauty—to infuse Western culture, once more, with the spirit of the Gospel.”

—Most Rev. James Conley, Bishop of Lincoln, Nebraska


"Religious Life: Ever Ancient, Ever Beautiful" is the theme of this year’s IRL Boston Regional Meeting. Echoing the words of Saint Augustine from his Confessions: “Late have I loved thee, O beauty ever ancient, ever new” we celebrate the gift of religious life, a gift to a world seeking signs of God’s presence among us. Beauty is reflected in the sacred liturgies celebrated with reverence and with God at the center. It is found in consecrated men and women faithfully living out the evangelical counsels of poverty, chastity, and obedience. It is mirrored in Our Lady and the great saints whose communities, writings and examples of holiness continue to call us to conversion of heart, wherein true beauty lies.

Please join us to celebrate the gift of religious life—ever ancient, ever beautiful, ever needed in our world today.

Registration form here: http://religiouslife.com/all-documents/meetings/national-meetings-a-regional-meetings/80-finallr2017boston-regional/file

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